Be Prepared!
This is where you can find stuff to help you
plan for and be ready for all sorts of activities
from weekend camps to badges.

Badge Placement
Need to know where to sew those badges on
you uniform? Click here to see a copy of the
official badge placement instructions from Branch.

Want to know more about the Patrol System?

Gear Lists
It’s super important to make sure you have the right gear for your next camp. Here are some great gear lists that will help you to pack.

Region Rally

Overnight Hike in Summer no water on route (Like Kariong)

Overnight Hike in Summer with Water on route (Like Blue Gum Forest)

Day Hike in Summer

Just incase you didn’t get them the first time around and would like to practice, here they are!

Pioneer Knots

Explorer Knots

Adventurer Knots

Organising an Activity??
You will need to download a copy of a blank A1 form from here


The quintessential accessory for any discerning Scout. Click here to see the instructions for a Turks Head Woggle. Try making one out of a plastic Scoobie.

Every scout should have a personal First Aid Kit and this is where you can find a list of things to put in it.

ALways wanted to know the time at night without having to do all that tedious looking at your watch? Try the surprisingly accurate  Crux Clock that uses nothing other than the Southern Cross to tell the time to +/- 15 minutes on any night of the year.

Looking for hike ideas? Try the Wild Walks site.